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LU Futura is an academic think-tank at Lund University. Using an interdisciplinary approach, LU Futura highlights key future issues and societal challenges.

What are the most important future issues that have not yet been identified? What happens when a nanoscientist meets a Bible scholar, when a cancer researcher meets a medieval historian, or when an expert in international law meets a technical logistician? Lund University has a wealth of specialisations and breadth, creating opportunities for daily interdisciplinary dialogues. Researchers meet in different constellations to learn from each other and generate new knowledge. With its sights set on the future, LU Futura’s specific role in this context is to link the interdisciplinary knowledge exchanges together and use the compiled knowledge for active engagement in wider society. This setup, working with knowledge from all faculties, is unique for LU Futura.

Furthermore, LU Futura operates in the interface between the university and external partners. It aims to act as a catalyst for new research issues and create arenas for discussions with other societal stakeholders. Knowledge institutions like Lund University have every opportunity to be identified as a driving force for formulating relevant societal issues by contributing facts, analyses and evidence for knowledge. LU Futura aims to do just that.

The core of LU Futura is a team composed of representatives of all faculties within LU and we are situated as a unit within the Pufendorf Advanced Study Institute. The operations manager is professor Lynn Åkesson and the deputy operations manager is associate professor Marie Cronqvist. Ulrika Oredsson is communications manager.